C&D Recycling Acquisition:

We assisted a multinational private capital business, with a focus on infrastructure and waste management assets, explore opportunities for growth in Australia. Our services for due diligence included commercial and market reports such as C&D waste industry analysis, red flag reports, business plan development and management integration into the business. Our post-acquisition services include operational review and improvement, securing waste volumes, recruiting and training of the sales team, strategic planning advice, and identification of new acquisition targets.



Enviregen also helped one of our clients to divert approximately 20,000 tonnes of commercial food waste from landfill each year. The food waste was derived from supermarkets and commercial markets in Sydney. The waste was transformed into a valuable organic resource to help grow feed for livestock in rural NSW. The produce was then sold back to the supermarkets. We believe this was an exceptional example of circular economy for food waste.

Veolia FOGO

Enviregen has previously assisted one of the world’s largest waste management companies with a food and garden (FOGO) waste solution in NSW. Kerbside collected FOGO from a large Sydney Council area was beneficiated via large scale composting at our partners organics facilities. The compost derived from this resource was used in broad acre land application and helped to rebuild farming soil structures.